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#SpeedyTuesday sells out at record speed!

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#SpeedyTuesday sells out at record speed!

All 2012 pieces of Omega's new #SpeedyTuesday were snapped up at record speed, as watch enthusiasts around the world rushed to secure the brand's latest Limited Edition Speedmaster.

For the very first time in its history, the Swiss watchmaker OMEGA promoted sales of a new timepiece online and the response was extraordinary.

The Limited Edition Speedmaster, produced to celebrate the online phenomenon known as #SpeedyTuesday, was made available for pre-order via the brand's social channels at 12 noon on Tuesday the 10th of January and just over 4 hours later, all 2012 pieces were sold out. In fact, the response was so immediate that OMEGA stopped promoting the watch on Instagram shortly after the campaign was launched.

OMEGA President and CEO Mr Raynald Aeschlimann called Speedmaster fans "extremely passionate about their favourite watch and loyal to OMEGA". Thrilled by the rapid response to the new timepiece, he went on to say that "feedback from the brand's digital community is invaluable, as we are committed to responding to our customer's needs". 

OMEGA has a strong web presence, but has never before used a social platform as a direct selling tool. Connecting to its online community in a new way has been an exciting exercise for OMEGA and the success of the venture is further proof that the iconic Speedmaster remains one of the most collectable timepieces in the world.

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#SpeedyTuesday sells out at record speed!