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CH-2074 Marin-Epagnier
Phone: +41 32 755 56 66
Fax: +41 32 755 59 66
Swatch Group – Asulab

Asulab Division

Asulab is the corporate research and development laboratory of the Swatch Group. Its mission is to develop technically innovative watch products, subsystems and components, along with the necessary manufacturing technologies. Intense collaboration with universities and research institutes provides access to the technologies and techniques that are essential for the innovative activities of the laboratory. Close cooperation with Swatch Group companies and direct involvement throughout the industrialisation phase provide the key to success with respect to the relevant transfer of know-how.

Active in micro-technology, microelectronics, telecommunications, displays, sensors and actuators, materials and process engineering, Asulab comprises all the technical fields required today for the development of sophisticated modern timing products.

The establishment of a competence centre for thin-film technologies in 2004 has enabled development of new technologies for watch manufacture applications. Precious metals or hard metals can be deposited and structured on curved surfaces such as watch crystals, for example, and special color effects created through layering of different materials.

Asulab Division