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Swatch Group, Electronic Systems

The electronic components and systems companies of the Swatch Group ( EM Microelectronic, Micro Crystal and Renata ) take full advantage of their technical, cultural and geographical proximity. The aggregated power of their individual areas of expertise gives these companies a significant advantage to gain supplementary market shares, especially when they address common markets such as automotive, consumer or industrial electronics.

Customers are increasingly looking for complete modules and solutions, expecting not only engineering know-how, but also the most cost effective manufacturing solution. Fully aware of the market expectations, the Swatch Group Electronic Systems members proactively refine and improve the mix of competencies, seamlessly bridging the components and systems levels.

In addition, Swiss Timing continues to apply its expertise in sports event timing, and in processing the data produced by time and points measurement in the field of sport. The company occupies a leading position in this segment, operating notably at the world’s premier sporting events.

Swatch Group, Brands and Companies – Electronic Systems