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Swatch Group, Production

The Swatch Group occupies a major position in the production and supply of watches, movements and components. With 156 production centers, it is the world’s largest watch producer. Not only does it manufacture and assemble all the models sold by its 18 brands and its two multi-brand retail companies; it also supplies parts and components to the entire watchmaking industry. The Swatch Group’s strength lies in the fact that, taken together, its production companies supply virtually all the components for the Group's timepieces, from design right through to assembly. This ensures the integrity of the vertical manufacturing structure; it also guarantees the strength and credibility of each of the Group's brands, and of the products sold in the Tourbillon and Hour Passion boutiques.

Moreover, since 2000 the Swatch Group has added new jewelry services to its existing watchmaking production: these range from jewelry design for some of its brands through to sales, encompassing all stages of production.

Swatch Group, Brands and Companies – Production