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Nivarox-FAR S.A.
CH-2400 Le Locle
Phone: +41 32 933 43 34
Fax: +41 32 933 44 44
Swatch Group – Nivarox-FAR

Tradition, experience and innovation

Nivarox-FAR, the leading Swiss specialist in the production of oscillating and escapement parts, was formed in 1984 as a result of the merger between Nivarox SA and Fabriques d'Assortiments Réunis (FAR). The Nivarox story began in 1933 when Dr. Straumann perfected the process of hairspring manufacturing in his Waldenburg laboratory in Switzerland. FAR was the corporate name chosen in 1932 for the entity comprising several companies and subsidiaries located in Le Locle, Switzerland, manufacturing various watch components.

Today, the four manufacturing plants of Nivarox-FAR are located in the heart of Switzerland's watchmaking district in the Jura mountains. The company puts advanced design and technology to work to produce components that are central to some of the world's most prestigious mechanical watches, and specializes in:
– escapement parts: pallet, escape wheel and impulse-pin,
– rubies to lift the pallets and ruby impulse-pins,
– oscillating parts: balance (inertia-block, screws, nut), balance-spring, sprung-balance,
– turning parts of very small dimension: screw, pinion, pallet-staff, stud, staff,
– micro-stamping components: brace,
– electro erosion.