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Novi SA
CH-2714 Les Genevez (JU)
Phone: +41 58 770 10 00
Swatch Group – Novi

Movement and watch assembly

Novi SA, headquartered in Genevez (Canton Jura) joined Swatch Group in January 2011. Founded in 1987, the company began working as a watch industry subcontractor through the impetus provided by Omega and ETA, which were its first clients. Over the years, Novi has come to specialize in movement assembly, watch finishing, and customer service for a number of brands in the high-end and luxury and prestige segments.

Since becoming part of the group, Novi has first and foremost redirected virtually its entire production capacities in order to devote them to the needs of the Swatch Group brands. In parallel with this reorganization, the firm has hired and trained around 20 new staff to reach an overall number of around 150 employees including 20 qualified watchmakers.

Structured into three main divisions – Movement Assembly, Watch Finishing, and Customer Service – Novi enriches Swatch Group with a new production center which, through its competencies, its versatility and its flexibility, has rapidly made a significant contribution to the development of the ETA movement manufacturing company and of the Swatch Group high-end and luxury and prestige brands.