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UNION Uhrenfabrik GmbH
DE-01768 Glashütte
Phone: +49 35053 46 16 300
Fax: +49 35053 46 16 310
Union Glashütte Watch

Professional Watchmaking “Made in Germany”

Union Glashütte, synonymous with competence and passion, stands for fine German watchmaking at the highest level and guarantees an excellent quality-price ratio.

Right from the start, when Johannes Dürrstein founded the brand in Glashütte in 1893, his aim was to make Glashütte-quality watches at a reasonable price. His motto “Watches should have everything needed to make them accurate and beautiful but nothing that makes them expensive” was the basic idea when this traditional German watch brand was founded and has remained so ever since. This pioneering spirit characterizes the Union Glashütte brand and its products even today.

The collection comprises four product lines for men (Belisar, 1893, Averin and Viro), two lines for women (Seris and Sirona), as well as a line of thoroughly classic models (Noramis) designed for both men and women. Fitted with ETA mechanical movements that have been manufactured and decorated in Glashütte, watches from the Union Glashütte brand are timepieces boasting a rare breed of elegance as well as excellent quality. Their sophistication and their exceptional design are a tribute to Johannes Dürrstein, a man of fine aesthetic sensibility and devotion to detail.

Novice watch enthusiasts and devotees of the most exclusive mechanical horology will thus find a watch that meets their requirements among the Union Glashütte collections.