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Hamilton International Ltd
CH-2503 Biel / Bienne
Phone: +41 32 343 38 60
Fax: +41 32 343 38 61
Hamilton Watch

American Spirit, Swiss Precision

Hamilton has its roots firmly in the U.S.A. where it was established in 1892 and first made its name supplying accurate watches during the early days of the American railroads.

In 1918, as the age of aviation developed, Hamilton watches helped to keep the new coast to coast U.S. Airmail service on time. Since then, Hamilton has been synonymous with the world of aviation and is currently the Official Timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. In 2018, we’re celebrating 100 years of timing the skies.

Since 1951, Hamilton has been known as the Movie Brand, owing to our close association with Hollywood. Hamilton watches first appeared on screen in the major Hollywood movie ‘The Frogmen’ and have since appeared in over 450 major feature films, including ‘Interstellar’ and ‘The Martian’.

Innovation has been one of the biggest keys to Hamilton’s success with major developments appearing in the mid 20th century that changed the world of watchmaking forever. In 1957, the Ventura became the world’s first electrical watch powered by a battery and Pulsar, the world’s first LED digital watch, followed in 1970.

From the railroads to the skies, the depths of the ocean to the urban jungle, Hamilton watches represent the perfect balance of American Spirit and Swiss Precision.