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Glashütter Uhrenbetrieb GmbH
DE-01768 Glashütte
Phone: +49 35053 46 0
Fax: +49 35053 46 205
Glashütte Original Watch

German Watchmaking Art since 1845

More than 170  years ago the first master watchmakers settled in Glashütte, and with passion, expertise and a wealth of ideas set about to develop the art of Glashütte watchmaking. In the course of many generations a culture of excellence and creativity was created that lends particular brilliance to the name Glashütte Original. This standard still inspires us today and drives us to continue developing our own new products.

Glashütte Original is the modern representative of a living German watchmaking tradition that reaches back to the year 1845. Thanks to an extreme production depth of around 95% our timepieces are designed and manufactured almost entirely in-house – with great care, many years of experience and a love of detail. The values to which we refer in our work serve us as a guideline: excellence, modernity, originality, tradition, exclusivity and beauty define the philosophy of the manufactory.

Like toothed gears, the various departments in the company mesh precisely one with the other. From the initial idea to planning and design, from the production of components and our own tools to the construction of prototypes, from engineering design and assembly to decorative finishings and quality control – a great number of creative minds and experienced hands are involved in the making of every single watch from Glashütte Original. With profound commitment and exceptional manual dexterity they put heart and soul into the watches from Glashütte Original, transforming each one into a filigreed masterpiece.