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Léon Hatot
CH-2502 Biel / Bienne
Phone: +41 32 343 68 11
Fax: +41 32 343 69 11
Léon Hatot Watch

Etre femme

Youngest of the Swatch Group’s prestige and luxury brands, the Léon Hatot jewelry and watchmaking brand is conceived for women who want to make time a luxury. Its exclusive collections of prestige jewelry and watches express the sentiments and emotions of passionate, free women, ready to zealously pursue everything that matters to them.

The watches created by Léon Hatot are intended exclusively for women. Closely attentive to the needs of its clientele, it breaks new ground for those who appreciate watch mechanisms by designing jewelry watches with automatic mechanical movements in which the oscillating weight is set with diamonds. However, the brand is not abandoning the Swiss-made quartz movements that enable it to continue producing the daring jewelry that has made it so successful.

Léon Hatot’s jewelry creations fall into three main families: exceptional creations, prestige jewelry, and boutique jewelry. The inspiration for their design is sometimes drawn directly from the extraordinary inheritance of creator and designer Léon Hatot (1883–1953). As the fortunate possessor of several thousand original Belle Époque and Art Deco drawings, the brand is now devoted to the dissemination of this exceptional heritage through a subtle combination of tradition and innovation.