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Board of Directors

As of May 23, 2017

The function descriptions and responsibilities of the Board of Directors members are outlined in the «Corporate Governance» chapter on pages 153 and 154 of the Swatch Group 2016 Annual Report.

Dr. h.c. Nicolas G. Hayek (†2010)

Founder and former Chairman and Delegate of the Board of Directors

Dr. h.c. Nayla Hayek

Chair of the Board of Directors, CEO Harry Winston

Ernst Tanner

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors

Daniela Aeschlimann

Nick Hayek

Prof. Dr. h.c. Claude Nicollier

Dr. Jean-Pierre Roth

Company Secretary
Jennifer Meyer-Kluge

St. Jakob-Strasse 25, CH-4052 Basel

Administrative Headquarters
Seevorstadt 6, CH-2501 Biel / Bienne
Phone: +41 32 343 68 11, Fax: +41 32 343 69 11
E-mail: use our «Contact Form», please.

Registered Offices
Faubourg de l’Hôpital 3, CH-2000 Neuchâtel

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