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Extended Group Management Board

as at December, 2017

The function descriptions and responsibilities of the members of the Extended Group Management Board by December 31, 2017, are outlined in the «Corporate Governance» chapter on pages 159 to 160 of the Swatch Group 2017 Annual Report.

Raynald Aeschlimann

Omega, Swatch Group India

Matthias Breschan

Rado, Hamilton, Swatch Group Austria, Swatch Group Mexico

Jean-Claude Eggen

Vice President Swatch & Quartzline / ETA, Meco

Yann Gamard

Swatch Group Germany, Swatch Group United Kingdom (ad interim), Swatch Group Nordic, European Distribution Center

Hans-Rudolf Gottier

EM Microelectronic, Micro Crystal, Renata, Swiss Timing

Walter von Känel


Thomas Meier

Glashütte Original

Calogero Polizzi

Information Technology (IT)

Kevin Rollenhagen

Swatch Group China, Swatch Group Hong Kong, Swatch Group Macao, Swatch Group Taiwan, Swatch Group Australia

Dr. Peter Steiger

Corporate Controlling, Logistics, Swatch Group United States, Swatch Group Carribbean, Swatch Group Malaysia, Swatch Group Singapore

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