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Swatch Group – History (tomorrow) Swatch Group – History (tomorrow) Swatch Group – History (tomorrow) Swatch Group – History (tomorrow)


Swatch Group History (tomorrow)

The Swatch Group tomorrow

In the years ahead, the core business of the world’s largest manufacturer of finished watches will clearly remain in the watch industry. Swatch Group companies are constantly adding innovative new watches to the brand product lines, inspired by the grand traditions of Swiss quality and craftsmanship and made possible by the enormous resources the Group brings to bear through its technology research and development teams.

The successful introduction of jewelry products by selected brands has established a basis for a growing presence in this sector. A range of Group companies supply movements and components not only to Swatch Group brands, but to the entire Swiss watch industry and to selected watchmakers outside Switzerland.

The Swatch Group also continues to develop high-tech components for the computer, telecommunications, medical applications, automotive and electronics industries. Swatch has taken advantage of the Group's vast experience, know-how and production capacities in micromechanics and microelectronics to develop its activities in the telecommunications and internet sectors, where Swatch Access (wireless access control, internet access, e-commerce) is but one example of the brand’s remarkable ability to transform advanced technology into successful products.

At the top end of the market, The Swatch Group will further reinforce its presence in the Prestige and Luxury segment with a growing number of mono-brand outlets for Breguet, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jaquet Droz, Léon Hatot, Omega, Longines, Rado et Swatch. The new multi-brand boutiques under the high-end «Tourbillon» label are proving increasingly successful. The Tourbillon brand boutiques offer all Swatch Group luxury brands products – watches and jewelry collections – highlighting each brand’s appeal in specially designed environments.

Swatch Group, Group Profile – History (tomorrow)