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Swatch Group – Nick Hayek, President of the Executive Group Management Board and member of the Board of Directors

Swatch Group is exceptional

Many people know the Swatch Group above all as the world's top producer of finished watches. What is less well known is that the Swatch Group is a vertical enterprise in the watch production business, with the capability to manufacture all the necessary components for the production of both mechanical and quartz watches. An enterprise that enables us to design, produce and distribute our brands’ products completely independently.

Movements, hands, crowns, cases, screws, pallets, escapements, electronic circuits, batteries, ceramics and sapphire, to give just a few examples, there is nothing that cannot be produced in-house by our employees in our factories, our workshops, and our laboratories. In fact the whole of the Swiss watchmaking industry, and part of the global watchmaking industry, are in one way or another dependent on the Swatch Group.

Our Group is equally capable of autonomously distributing its products throughout the world. This is thanks to our own network of boutiques, and thanks to our vast network of retailers who keep asking us for the products you want them to stock.

The Group is also the only enterprise in the world that produces a mass-market product and is present in every market segment: from the very top of the range through to children’s watches, we offer consumers products for every taste, for every budget and, above all, for every dream.

This leadership position and its accompanying success allow us to explore new avenues: jewelry, the world of art, in which we have participated for almost thirty years, and technical innovations that enable us to continue investing in projects that protect the destiny of our planet. But above all, it places on us a heavy responsibility: as a major employer, we have for decades had a policy of investing profits in our manufacturing plant, with the objective of retaining and creating jobs in Switzerland.

Lastly, we believe it is fundamental that everything we create should be true to the emotional values that underpin our brands and, we hope, will bring you excitement and pleasure.

Nick Hayek
President of the Executive Group Management Board and member of the Board of Directors

Swatch Group, Group Profile – Message from the CEO