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Swatch Group – Annual Report 2017


Annual Report 2017

In order to reduce the number of hard printed copies of our annual report, thereby contributing to preserving the environment, we encourage you to download the PDF version of the Swatch Group Annual Report. Requests for hard printed copies will be considered only in exceptional cases. For special requests of this kind, please use our «Contact Form» (Topic: Finance / Investor Relations).

If you would like to receive our ad hoc financial announcements on a regular basis, please subscribe to our «Info Service».

Here you can download the complete version of the latest Swatch Group Annual Report. Or you can download only the «financial statements» (pages 165 to 230) of the latest Annual Report. You can as well download the latest Swatch Group Compensation Report.

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2017 - Complete version: 2017_annual_report_complete_en.pdf (14.62 MB)
Annual Report 2017 – Financial Statements: 2017_annual_report_finance_en.pdf (713.30 kB)

Compensation Report 2017

Compensation Report 2017: 2017_annual_report_compensation_report_en.pdf (308.50 kB)

Of course you can also download the Swatch Group Annual Reports of previous years.

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