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Swatch Group acquires Simon Et Membrez SA in Delémont

Biel / Bienne (Switzerland), April 12, 2012 – The Swatch Group Ltd is acquiring 100% of the shares of Simon Et Membrez SA in Delémont. The shares are currently owned by Philippe Membrez, the company’s CEO, and Etienne Membrez and Didier Membrez. In addition, Swatch Group is also acquiring the related 60% holding in Termiboîtes SA (case polishing) in Courtemaîche that counts 50 employees.

Simon Et Membrez SA is a seamless fit alongside the existing Swatch Group production companies and logically complements Comadur, Manufacture Ruedin and Lascor, the companies active in the production of watch casings within the Swatch Group.

Simon Et Membrez SA manufactures high quality watch cases for the top price segment out of precious materials such as gold, titanium, platinum, palladium and premium-quality steels. Swatch Group has a long-standing business relationship with Simon Et Membrez SA for a number of its watch brands (Breguet, Blancpain). Simon Et Membrez SA will continue to supply third parties.

With its 250 employees the company will continue to trade under the Simon Et Membrez name, as Philippe Membrez and his team will continue to be responsible for business operations. In its new plant in Delémont, the company has an ultra-modern machinery pool and works with the most advanced technologies, which meet the quality requirements of its clients and demonstrate environmental awareness (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified). Simon Et Membrez SA was created in 1975 in Delémont by René Simon and Etienne Membrez, the father of the current CEO. The new plant in Delémont was inaugurated in the summer of 2008 and expanded to its current size in 2011.


Simon Et Membrez SA

Philippe Membrez

Simon Et Membrez SA, 2800 Delémont 1 (Switzerland)
Phone +41 32 424 55 00
E-mail: info@simon-membrez.ch

The Swatch Group Ltd


Béatrice Howald, Spokesperson
The Swatch Group Ltd, Biel / Bienne (Switzerland)
Phone: +41 32 343 68 33
E-mail: please use our «Contact Form» 


Felix Knecht, Investor Relations Officer
The Swatch Group Ltd, Biel / Bienne (Switzerland)
Phone: +41 32 343 68 11
E-mail: please use our «Contact Form»

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Swatch Group acquires Simon Et Membrez SA in Delémont