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Omega at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

On 26 occasions since 1932, Omega has fulfilled the prestigious role of Official Timekeeper at the Olympic Games. Under our watchful eye, records have been set and broken, history has been witnessed and legends have been made. No matter the year, the Olympic Games have always delivered a multitude of great moments in time. Now, as the world’s attention turns to Rio de Janeiro, the brand will assume its duties for the 27th time. Surrounded by the colour and culture of this vibrant city, we will work with the enduring commitment and passion that has sealed our unrivalled reputation.

For an edition of the Olympic Games today, Omega sends around 450 tonnes of equipment, 200km of cabling and 480 timekeepers. This massive undertaking shows the effort that our brand is willing to exude in order to serve the dedicated athletes who are competing on one of the biggest stages of their lives. Of course, it is not just these few weeks in which Omega gives focus. Throughout our history as Official Timekeeper, we have also been a leading force in researching, developing and mastering the technologies that record every second. 

In the pool, we have developed many systems that make victory indisputable. These include the famous touchpads positioned at both ends of the swimming pool, allowing athletes to stop time with their own hands. Out on the track, Omega has been responsible for the creation of the most famous devices used in precision sports timing, among them the Scan’O’Vision MYRIA photofinish cameras, starting blocks, false-start detection technology and high-speed video systems. These Olympic Games in Brazil promise to be like no other. It is the first time that South America has hosted the largest and most famous multi-sport event in the world and, like everybody, we are expecting an unforgettable occasion. For Omega, there is also a true sense of pride. We know that whoever stands on the podiums in these Olympic Games will do so with the most precise knowledge of their medal-winning performance.

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Omega at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games