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Swatch celebrates 35 with Ugo Nespolo

Celebrating 35 years of brilliant art, explosive creativity and irrepressible joie de vivre, Swatch welcomes Ugo Nespolo to the Cité du Temps in Geneva, Switzerland for the opening of NUMBERS, a unique exhibition showcasing the renowned Italian artist's fascination with numbers – a fascination he shares with Swatch.

In 35 years, the positively provocative Swiss watchmaker has created hundreds of models that play with numbers in original, inventive and surprising ways – on dials, straps and special packaging, in limited & numbered editions of all kinds. Ugo Nespolo has been a very active, communicative and colorful friend of Swatch for many years now. He created two Swatch Art Specials in the 1990s, and today he is back with a playful, dynamic and intriguing new Special, SWATCH UGO, in a limited and numbered edition of 3,535 pieces. The dial presents the number 35 - in celebration of Swatch's 35th birthday this year - in the artist's trademark bright, bold colors, with pride of place given to purple, recently voted color of the year for 2018.

NUMBERS is Ugo Nespolo's solo exhibition of 35 artworks, hosted by Swatch at the Cité du Temps in Geneva and will be running from March 1st through to the 1st May 2018. Mirroring the Swatch DNA it expresses a wide variety of techniques, languages and cultural references, all to be discovered. The accompanying catalog presents the art together with an essay on numbers and Nespolo's work by the noted Italian mathematician and writer, Piergiorgio Odifreddi.

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Swatch celebrates 35 with Ugo Nespolo