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Swatch loves bringing art to the people. Remaining true to its commitment to support young artists, the Swiss watchmaker’s TIME TO ART exhibit is taking over Milan’s signature street, Via Montenapoleone, from the 5th to the 13th of April.

The intensely creative and internationally renowned luxury street becomes the set for a breathtaking promenade through the highlights of 35 years of Swatch’s love for the arts.

A fun, surprising, colorful retrospective of the brand’s key moments with its involvement in art, innovation, sports and society, centered in the neighborhood of Italy’s very first Swatch store.
To the link and bond with art, visitors of Via Montenapoleone are invited to resume an active role interacting with TIME TO ART. Artist Stefano Ogliari Badessi S.O.B., a former Swatch Art Peace Hotel resident, has created an amusing showcase installation, ready to welcome everybody into a surrealistic universe, connecting time, art and people. The second oversize showcase will host a temporary photo studio run by the Spanish artist and former Swatch Art Peace Hotel resident Xepo W.S.: anyone can join and have their portrait become part of the FACES OF MILAN project in their favorite color setting. 

Twenty-three future talents and current students of the renowned Milan-based Istituto Europeo di Design, IED, as well as the teacher Massimo Giacon – who has designed iconic Swatch watches himself – have painted on twenty-four Maxi Swatches to be displayed in the courtyard of the Montenapoleone Lounge, next to the Swatch store. The collaboration between IED Milano and Swatch developed over the course of a special multi-disciplinary project involving students from different courses – Illustration and Animation, Graphic Design, and Product Design.

Every day between the 5th and the 13th of April, a blank Swatch canvas is available for the public to design, paint, decorate. In the full spirit of Swatch, TIME TO ART is open to the public, admission is free. The entire project is presented under the generous patronage of the Municipality of Milan.



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