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Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting the website of The Swatch Group Ltd («Swatch Group»). Please make sure to read these Terms of Use carefully since any use of this website constitutes your acceptance of the following conditions and legal information.

Purpose and content of website

All information and materials on this website are presented solely for the purpose of providing general information on, and promoting products and services of Swatch Group and its affiliated companies («Subsidiaries»). Such information and materials do not constitute offers for products and / or services of Swatch Group or any of its Subsidiaries or official retailers or other third parties, nor do they constitute advice or other instructions on the use of products and / or services of Swatch Group or its Subsidiaries.

Any stock market and other financial information on this website, in particular the information given in the Investor Relations section, is not intended to be a basis for decisions on stock-market dealings or other commercial transactions, and no information on this website can be considered or understood in any way as an invitation or incitement or as a means of promoting or trading financial instruments issued by Swatch Group or third parties. Whoever uses this information for personal investment decision-making purposes is entirely responsible for it.

Swatch Group reserves the right to amend, supplement or delete website content in any way, at any time, for any reason and without prior notice. Swatch Group shall not be liable in any way for possible consequences of such changes.

Statements on future developments

In as much as this website contains statements on future developments, e.g. information on the future business policy or commercial development of Swatch Group or its Subsidiaries, these statements may be subject to known and unknown factors outside the control of Swatch Group (e.g. changes to economic or market conditions, changes to the legal framework, action by competitors, etc). In view of the risks and uncertainties associated with such statements, they are not a guarantee that the future developments will actually take place.

Swatch Group does not envisage updating statements on future developments in the light of new information or the actual course of events.

Copyright and other intangible property rights

This website together with any information text, images, photographs, audio and video clips, designs, graphics, logos, symbols, names, product and corporate designations, as well as all software contained on this website are subject to legal protection, in particular copyright, trademarks and design rights held by Swatch Group, its Subsidiaries and third parties. All rights remain with Swatch Group and its Subsidiaries and third parties.

You acquire no rights to the website or the information and data contained therein. You may download or print out a hardcopy of individual pages and / or sections of the website, provided that any copyright or other proprietary notices are not removed. The information and data associated with the lawful use of the website and its functions may only be used for non-commercial, educational, private or domestic purposes. Use over and above that is only admissible if Swatch Group has given express consent in advance.


Unless otherwise indicated, all trademarks, logos, characters and other marks (collectively «Trademarks») displayed on this website are subject to the trademark and other rights of Swatch Group and its Subsidiaries. Nothing contained on this website shall be construed as granting any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on this website. Your use / misuse of the Trademarks displayed on this website, or of any other content on this website, except as provided for in these Terms of Use, is strictly prohibited.

Third-party websites

This website may contain third-party information and links to third-party websites. Swatch Group accepts no responsibility whatsoever for these websites and their operators and the information and / or products or services offered on such websites. We accept no responsibility for ensuring that the content of such websites is correct or lawful. Responsibility for access to linked third-party websites rests solely with you.

Third-party websites may be linked to the Swatch Group website. We have not reviewed all of the websites linked to the Swatch Group website and we are not responsible for the content or accuracy of any such third party websites.


The Swatch Group website offers you the facility to send e-mails to Swatch Group and its staff. The delivery of such e-mails is at your risk. Information of a legal nature, e.g. setting of time limits, reminders, notice, etc. is not valid if sent by email. In particular, any delay in or absence of a reply to e-mail messages sent to Swatch Group via its website may not be construed as consent or rejection with legal effect.

Warranty and liability

Swatch Group endeavours to ensure that information and data published on this website is correct and current. However, it gives no undertaking in this respect and does not warrant or represent expressly or implicitly that the information and / or data provided is correct, current or complete; this applies in particular to information and data on the quality, availability or the suitability for a specific purpose of products and services shown on the website.

In addition, Swatch Group does not guarantee that the stock market and other financial information on this website is accurate, current, comprehensive and useful.

Swatch Group does not guarantee trouble-free or uninterrupted access to this website or the use of its functions. Similarly, it does not guarantee that the transfer of data is trouble-free and / or uninterrupted.

In as much as permitted by law, Swatch Group is not liable in any manner whatsoever for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential losses arising out of or in connection with the use of this website, including loss of income or profit or other consequential losses, punitive damages and / or claims of third parties resulting from the use of, access to, or inability to use this website and the information and / or the products or services contained respectively offered on this website.

This exclusion of liability shall apply also to damage inflicted by viruses or other harmful programs or caused in any other way to computer equipment, software operated by website visitors or their data (including loss of data).


Swatch Group reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time. Amendments take effect from the date on which they are published on this website.

Swatch Group – Terms of Use