Deputy Flagship Store Manager

The company

Swatch is one of the leading Swiss watch manufacturers and at the same time one of the world's most famous brands. The first Swatch watches amazed their audience with a revolutionary concept, creative design and the desire for provocation. The brand's philosophy, based on colour, movement, lightness and transparency, is clearly evident in every Swatch product and project. The brand also maintains a strong presence in the world of sports and art.

Job description

Leading the team with the store- and assistant store manager

  • Help recruiting new employees according to a predefined profile and with the agreement of HR and retail manager
  • Integrating and training new employees
  • Passing the passion for the brand on to the team, to constantly evolve customer service
  • Accompany and foster co-workers, to ensure they continue the acquisition of new skills and their employment during sales (selling skills, products, visual merchandising)
  • Organisation and execution of meetings in collaboration with the store- and assistant store manager
  • Regular evaluation of the performance, skills, and development of each co-worker by conducting MAG’s, etc.
  • Paying attention to co-workers (praise success, discuss problems), to build up trust, as well as to build it out
  • Take on a neutral role/referee in case of occurring conflicts
  • Regularly organise meetings (minimum once a week)
  • Motivating and empower co-workers on a daily basis, to reach monthly and quarterly primes.

 Sales management: boost sales

  • Knowledge of different collections and products (tendencies, style, material, etc.)
  • Constant monitoring, to ensure a unique purchase experience (availability of the team, quality of the customer care, speed of cashing in, role reversal within the team)
  • Ensuring the regularly offered services to customers (repairs, exchange, vouchers, delivery by mail, etc.)
  • Staying vigilant concerning eventual theft, so it can be prevented
  • Tour-guide-business

Setting the scene for the brand (image, product, merchandising)

  • Steadily monitoring, to ensure a safe, tidy, and clean store
  • Monitor the overall comfort, to ensure the customer experiences it (atmosphere within the store, lighting, music, etc.)
  • Organising and executing the presentation by respecting the norms of merchandising and guidelines (take on changes, depending on the store

 Leading the store in collaboration with the store- and assistant store manager

  • Manage the contracts and plans under compliance of all social rules and norms, which are predefined by labor law
  • Optimising expenditures, which can influence the operating statement (office supplies, telephone, etc.)
  • Take on the role as a role model concerning the strict compliance of the cash register manual and different procedures in terms of money (bank statements, status of cash register, etc.)
  • Analyse results based on collections and indicators, so a plan can be realised
  • Ensuring the information flow and directing it to the hierarchy

Store organisation in collaboration with the store- and assistant store manager.

  • Ensuring the perfect condition, maintenance as well as the necessary materials of the store
  • Monitoring the organisation and clean-up of the material reserve as well as the back office according to the defined process
  • Ensuring the logistical tasks (qualitative and quantitative control of deliveries, unpacking the packages and placement of wares within the store)
  • Apply and respect the various specifications of the product flow (process of falsely delivered wares, transfers, defect wares, returns, etc.)
  • Confirmation of ware-orders and ensuring the optimal replenishment of wares according to the analysis of the stock




Besides his main tasks/goals, to excite the customers and respect the brands policy, the deputy flagship store manager must fulfil the following mission:

  • Leading of a team in collaboration with the store manager
  • Boost the sales
  • Setting the brand into scene
  • Ensuring the organisation as a whole and management of the store in collaboration with the store manager

Commitment to progress

The behavioural model obligates every employee to take on professional responsibility. The deputy store manager commits to:

Foster the brand by means of his behaviour

  1. Respect the work tools and work environment
  2. Guaranteeing the safety of the wares and people
  3. Foster the interpersonal relationships (good communication)
  4. Adapt the work plans and absences, to secure a smooth customer service
  5. Apply and develop intentions of the company in relation to all expenses

Professional requirements

  • Education as a salesperson in retail and /or education as a sales coordinator with commercial skills as an advantage
  • Experience in sales and leadership of a store and its sales staff, or as assistant store manager
  • Customer oriented and customer friendly
  • Takes on initiative
  • Experience in PR and marketing activities
  • Being proficient in sales strategy
  • Numbers oriented
  • Commitment
  • Representing the brand Swatch


Very good to excellent English level (C1 and above)

Very good to excellent German level (C1 and above)

Any other language a real asset


Swatch Retail AG