Assistant Marketing Manager / Marketing Manager

Job description

  • Responsible for marketing strategy and execute the marketing & communication program to empower the brand development.
  • Control annual marketing budget and allocation, updated monthly marketing expense for Brand Manager's review.
  • Annual advertising campaign plan and execution in line with HQ guideline, also monitor the A&P budget.
  • Manage the visual materials in dealer's shop occasionally to ensure all advertising appears in publications in compliance with contract.
  • Handle annual PR campaigns and press inquiries to activate brand awareness in print, on line, and social media.
  • Enhance product and brand exposure in creative and smart way to explore for any opportunity to cooperate with media for increases publicity.
  • Evaluate any sponsorship/join promotion requests and cooperate with third party for events.
  • Support Brand Manager to develop training program and provide product & brand training to sales staff of dealers.
  • Maintain good relationship with local journalists, VIPs and dealers.
  • Monthly marketing and event evaluation report to BM and HQ.


  • Solid and proven project management ability.
  • Good communication skill and good team player.
  • Detail oriented and creative thinking, work under high pressure. 

Professional requirements

  • 5 years working experience in related area, digital / social media experience is preferred.
  • Familiar computer skill.


  • Good English