Electrochemist and Project Leader


The Belenos Clean Power Holding AG, a spin-off of the Swatch Group AG seeking for an optimal use of energy, in particular clean renewable energy sources.



  • As a project leader you will be co-responsible for the development of a solid state cell for the next generation of lithium batteries as well as for the evaluation of product performance, safety and cost
  • You will contribute to the development of key materials within our R&D department
  • You will evaluate the potential of emerging materials under development by our academic partners or industrial suppliers. Reporting and transfer of technology
  • You will follow the industry trends and battery market


  • You are an expert in metal electrochemistry, especially for Lithium metal
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge on:
    • Design of basic experimental setup of all solid state cells
    • Post mortem and in-situ evaluation of cell components
    • Electrochemical techniques such as galvanostatic and potentiostatic methods
    • Impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
  • Advanced project management capabilities including ability to supervise employees and to work efficiently in a multitasking development environment
  • You have a high degree of autonomy

Berufliche Anforderungen

  • PhD or long and wide experience as scientist or engineer in electrochemistry, material science, solid state physics and chemistry or battery related fields
  • Ideally you have long term experience in the battery field, preferably in lithium batteries or in galvanic processes on metals


  • You have very good knowledge of written and spoken English. Good knowledge of French or German is an advantage


Daniela Philipp
Head of HR