Corporate Responsibility at Swatch Group

Swatch Group Environmental Policy

The requirements of the Swatch Group environmental policy of the last several years can be summarized under the following headings:

  • The conservation of the natural environment and its resources; 
  • The production of ecologically sound products by the most efficient means; 
  • The use of raw materials, energy resources and water in moderation; 
  • The avoidance of unnecessary waste; 
  • and the use of auxiliary materials that respect the environment.

Fully in line with the corporate culture, the Swatch Group companies apply, in all the activities, appropriate procedures to protect the environment in the best and most sustainable way. The progress achieved attests to this.

In parallel to a qualitative optimization and a reduction in costs, ecological progress within the Swatch Group is a long-term requirement. Examples of this include, among other measures:

  • the improvement and connection of new air conditioning systems to the closed water circulation system;
  • the supply of new washing installations by means of a cooling water system, allowing considerable savings in fresh water;
  • use of new cooling systems which, though more powerful, are significantly more energy-efficient;
  • the improvement of several façades, windows and cooling systems, yielding considerable savings in fossil fuel and electricity use;
  • use of less volatile substances in washing installations;
  • installation of dust collectors and filtration systems for recovery of oil vapors;
  • waste management;
  • recycling of batteries.

Swatch Group Social Policy

Fundamental principles

The Swatch Group is aware that its performance depends heavily on the quality and commitment of its employees. It needs people who are motivated and effective, and it knows that, in return, it must offer them a social package that makes it a competitive and attractive employer, capable of recruiting and retaining the best personnel worldwide.


Swatch Group is one of the foremost employers in Switzerland in terms of providing apprenticeships. It offers a large number of permanent jobs, including to employees who have reached retirement age.


The Swatch Group actively participates in the ongoing training of its executives and specialists by organizing a large number of courses each year.

Working conditions

The working conditions of the Group’s Swiss companies are very largely governed by a collective agreement entered into with the trades unions. The present agreement came into effect on 1 January 2017 for a duration of five years. 
The Group maintains good relations with the trades unions, in a spirit of openness.

Working pensions

In Switzerland, Swatch Group employees enjoy excellent retirement benefits. In the interests of fairness, the Group is endeavoring to give the employees of non-Swiss subsidiaries retirement packages that are as comparable as possible to those available to its employees working in Switzerland.

Information and consultation for employees in European Union countries

In 1996, the Swatch Group introduced a staff information and consultation procedure in compliance with European directive 94/45/EU (art. 13). In line with this directive, the representatives of the various group subsidiaries located within the European Union are to be informed of the main developments and events within the Group. The meetings take place alternately at one of the European subsidiaries and in Switzerland.

Statement on the Modern Slavery Act

Here you can download the Swatch Group's statement on its efforts against slavery and human trafficking, made in compliance with section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

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