The Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking Schools

Committed to the professional development of watchmakers and the next generation for our Customer Services.

Learn the art of Swiss watchmaking at our Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking Schools and open the doors to a professional career in Customer Service.  

The essential purpose of our schools is to train professional watchmakers and future specialists in customer service for the Swiss watch industry. They prepare their students not only to master traditional watchmaking arts and crafts but also to be equipped to deal with the continuous development of new products, materials, tools and methodologies. We run our courses in partnership with the “Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program” foundation (WOSTEP). WOSTEP certifies our students with the internationally recognized diploma after successful completion of the course.


Watchmakers are the key people in the watch industry. They assemble watches of all kinds, install the hands and dials, mount the watch case, make the necessary adjustments and thus complete the watch. They analyze malfunctions, flaws and aesthetic defects and carry out the necessary repair and service work on customers' watches. They are responsible for the final functional and aesthetic inspection of the movement and fittings using appropriate instruments and measuring devices.

2 or 3 Year Program

The watchmaker education follows the classic WOSTEP 3000-hour program and lasts 2 to 3 years, depending on the school calendar of the respective country. It is a comprehensive training program in theory and practice to become a polyvalent watchmaker. It includes basic micromechanical skills and in-depth knowledge of mechanical and electronic watches. Knowledge of the organization of a customer service completes the program.


  • Extended basics in micromechanics
  • Fundamentals of watchmaking (gear train, winding and setting, escapement, regulating unit)
  • Electronic watches
  • Automatic and calendar watches
  • Chronographs and small complications
  • Casing

Next Sessions

Glashütte (Germany)
September 2022

Pforzheim (Germany)
September 2022

Shanghai (China)
August 2022

Customer Service Watchmaker
Customer Service Watchmakers provide comprehensive and high-quality service of customers' watches worldwide in our Customer Services. They maintain and repair mechanical and electronic watches. Their micromechanical skills guarantee successful results in the maintenance of cases and straps.

1 Year Program

The Customer Service Watchmaker training is based on the WOSTEP 1800 hours program and takes 1 year. The training includes a basic and work oriented watchmaking education and then focuses on the specific requirements of customer service. The training covers all the necessary working basics a watchmaker needs to perform a high quality and complete service on customer watches.


  • Basics in micromechanics
  • Theoretical knowledge in watchmaking and after sales
  • Dressing components
  • Mechanical watches
  • Electronic watches
  • Chronographs

Next Sessions

Miami (USA)
September 2022

Shanghai (China)
April 2022

The Schools

The schools bear the name of their founder, former Swatch Group Chairman Nicolas G. Hayek. They are strategically located on three continents and have a complementary partnership with the "British School of Watchmaking" in Manchester (UK). The first Nicolas G. Hayek Watchmaking School opened in Shanghai in 1999. Since then, 1000 watchmakers have joined the global talent pool. This achievement is the result of Swatch Group’s substantial investments at different levels. The entire industry – in Switzerland and beyond – has benefited from the graduates’ skills.


Swatch Group school
Partner’s school

Future Employers

After graduating earn your spot in one of our prestigious companies.

Nicolas G. Hayek, founder

"I admire watchmakers. They are sculptors and artists who have to be able to balance the time-honoured traditions of watchmaking while mastering today’s cutting-edge technology. The uniqueness of their profession opens unknown horizons which embrace the planets and stars and dance with the mysterious universe."

Nicolas G. Hayek

Nicolas G. Hayek (†2010)

Founder and former Chairman and Delegate of the Board of Directors