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Swatch Group – Training and Development Swatch Group – Training and Development Swatch Group – Training and Development


Training and Development

The Swatch Group actively promotes the further education of its executives and professionals. Therefore, the Group offers every year a wide range of seminars in the domains of leadership skills, social competencies, professional competencies, methodological competencies and self-competencies.

These seminars are oriented towards actual practical demands and issues and their content is efficiently and rapidly applicable.

All seminars are structured according to the following three steps:
Preparation of the seminar (planning of the seminar and the transfer / realization)
Seminar (for example. 2 days of seminar – transfer phase in daily work – 1 day of seminar)
Assurance of transfer (by monitoring / coaching of the realization in daily work)

With this procedure, Swatch Group offers a custom-made programme of further education tailored to its needs. During the seminars, solutions for concrete issues are analysed and developed and can already be applied to the day-to-day business in the transfer phase.

Thus, the Swatch Group contributes to the increase in the employees’ satisfaction and promotes a high degree of independence, personal responsibility and change ability within the Group.

Swatch Group, Human Resources – Training and Development