EM9304 brings Bluetooth® 4.2

EM9304 brings Bluetooth® 4.2

EM9304 brings Bluetooth® 4.2 with high-performance and tiny chip


The EM9304, EM Microelectronic’s latest Bluetooth chip yields best-in-class characteristics in 3 key areas for Bluetooth Low Energy applications:

  • Size: it is the tiniest of all Bluetooth version 4.2 chips on the market. Chip size is crucial in today’s very tightly packed portable electronic devices and for IoT applications.

  • Energy consumption: it offers best-in-class (i.e. lowest) energy consumption for various usage schemes, enabling applications to run longer on the same battery.

  • Sensitivity: With an outstanding RF sensitivity of -96dBm, the circuit offers increased communication ranges and more reliable data links.


The EM9304 is architected for flexible usage in a variety of applications, because it has been designed standalone usage, or for being connected to a variety of sensors. System integrators can also take advantage of its powerful yet low-power 32-bit processor, or alternately use the EM9304 in connection to any standard microcontroller for customers requiring just a simple and easy-to-implement Bluetooth add-on function to their existing solution.