Sustainability Report


Sustainability at Swatch Group

Swatch Group has always been committed to responsible operations, responsible corporate governance and sustainability. These have been the hallmarks of our corporate culture and mindset for over 30 years. This report is a review of the targets and projects we have already achieved and implemented.

As usual, it also provides a picture of the added value that sustainability measures are generating. The balance scorecard serves as a new benchmark and further incentive for us to continue investing and achieving even more in the area of sustainability.


Sustainability Report and Social Policy

We have therefore set ourselves long-term objectives, such as a commitment to becoming climate neutral for Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2050. However, we also know that we must continue to take smaller steps to, in time, eventually achieve our sustainability goals. With passion, commitment and conviction we are pursuing this sustainability path every day and in all areas of our business and this also throughout the whole product life cycle, from product design and sourcing to customer service.

Since last year, Swatch Group publishes a separate sustainability report in line with the GRI Standards in order to increase 
the scope of reporting, transparency and comparability.

Swatch Group is taking into account the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reports how it contributes to the achievement of these goals as a responsible company.

Environmental, ethical and social criteria have always been an integral part of the Group’s corporate culture. To further embed these and to ensure they are implemented at every level, an internal directive focusing specifically on sustainability was issued in 2022. In particular, it stipulates that all decisions made by the management and executive teams should be scrutinized in terms of their impact on the environment and corporate social responsibility. The supplier code of conduct was actualized in the year under review to ensure that suppliers also continue to abide by Swatch Group’s updated values and more stringent standards. To guarantee the further implementation of the Swatch Group sustainability strategy, the above and other measures have been defined.

Swatch Group is also committed to sustainable sourcing and materials and applies a zero-tolerance policy on corruption, modern slavery and child labor, sets a positioning as an attractive and responsible employer and apprentice trainer, and runs a business model that is geared towards long-term, sustainable success.


Marc A. Hayek
Thierry Kenel
Peter Steiger

Sustainability Steering Committee


↗ Download the 2022 Sustainability Report

↗ Download the 2021 Sustainability Report


Sustainability Report



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