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Sustainability at Swatch Group

For Swatch Group, responsible operations, responsible corporate governance and sustainability are a matter of course and have been part of our corporate culture and philosophy for many decades. Our attitude and vision in this respect remain unchanged! Ethical and social criteria, as well as environmental protection, have always been integral elements of this corporate culture. Swatch Group is also committed to responsible and sustainable sourcing, use of sustainable materials and applies a zero-tolerance policy on corruption, modern slavery and child labor, sets a positioning as an attractive and responsible employer and apprentice trainer, and runs a business model that is geared towards long-term, sustainable success.


Sustainability Report and Social Policy

In order to maintain our corporate culture and further embed these at all levels, in 2023 not only the Sustainability Team at Group level was enlarged, but also our entire sustainability community within our various entities. Several sustainability workshops were also organised and carried out in order to define the next objectives to achieve on our sustainability path. Our reference, benchmark, is what we have achieved so far. Our Sustainability Report 2023 shows the balanced scorecard as well as our goals, which we want to achieve in the coming years.

For example, we are continuing to work in the area of Scope 3 in order to reduce emissions in this field and to increase 
the measurement accuracy. In the same sense, we are also improving the analysis of our supply chains in order to achieve a reduction in Scope 3 emissions and to ensure due diligence and transparency in the supply chains as far as possible.

With passion, commitment and conviction, we continue to invest in sustainability on a daily basis in all areas, throughout the entire product life cycle, from product design to sourcing and customer service.

Since 2021, Swatch Group publishes a separate sustainability report in line with the GRI Standards in order to increase the scope of reporting, transparency and comparability. Swatch Group is taking into account the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reports how it contributes to the achievement of these goals as a responsible company.


Marc A. Hayek
Thierry Kenel
Peter Steiger

Sustainability Steering Committee


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Sustainability Report 2023




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