18 March 2022

Glashütte Original belongs to the exclusive circle of traditional watch manufacturers in the luxury segment and exclusively uses mechanical movements that it has designed itself and manufactured to the highest degree of vertical integration. The training workshops at the Glashütte Original watchmaking school Alfred Helwig are equipped with the most modern techniques.

Program offered

Watchmaker IHK

We apply the German dual training system and the graduates receive the diploma "Uhrmacher/in" of the Industrie- und Handelskammer IHK.

The training course lasts 3 years and in addition to the practical training, the students attend theoretical training at the vocational school in Glashütte. These classes usually take place in four blocks of 3 weeks (12 weeks in total per year).

Tuition and Fees

The training at our school in Glashütte is equated to an apprenticeship. The apprentices receive a training allowance for the entire training period and  are employed under a German apprenticeship contract. 


Proficiency in the German language both oral and written (the program is conducted exclusively in the German language)

Swatch Group