Hamilton & Far Cry 6


Accurate timing, secure fit and authentic style are key components of a great timepiece whether it’s on-screen or on your wrist. Designed for both, the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic Far Cry® 6 Limited Edition is built for action in game and in real life.

The first branded watch in-game integration in the Far Cry® franchise brings yet another level of reality to the video game’s cinematic quality – and now players can wear the military-inspired wrist gear in real life too. 

Deeply rooted in the history of Yara, the fictional Caribbean island of Far Cry® 6, our Khaki Field Titanium Automatic keeps on ticking through decades of instability, even during an assassination attempt on its former owner and ruler of the island Santos Espinosa in 1983. In honor of this story of survival, only 1983 pieces of the special edition watch worn in-game will be available for purchase IRL.


Developed and published by Ubisoft, Far Cry® 6 is a first person-shooter video game set in Yara, ruled by the cruel dictator Antón Castillo brought to life by actor Giancarlo Esposito (“Breaking Bad,” 2009-2011). As Dani Rojas, players fight to free the nation from his rule, receiving the bespoke timepiece upon completion of a guerilla mission.

Successful players unlock access to the in-game timepiece that’s equipped with a unique and original “keeps on ticking” function. The defensive wrist gear improves general defense during sprints, allows players to get in and out of danger quickly and efficiently, and will be a useful benefit for gamers as they fight for Yara’s freedom.

“Hamilton’s Khaki Field isn’t merely an accessory choice or functional asset but is truly integrated into Yara’s history with a connection to the island’s deposed leader,” said Omar Bouali, Game Content Director, Ubisoft Toronto. “It’s a small detail that adds immense authenticity to the cinematic world we’ve created.”

Players will have the opportunity to virtually wear this timepiece when Far Cry® 6 launches, on October 7th on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Stadia, Amazon Luna and for Windows PC exclusively on both the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store. The game will also be available on Ubisoft+, Ubisoft’s subscription service.


With a combination of state of the art functionality and military heritage, Hamilton’s Khaki Field Titanium Automatic is rugged, resilient and reliable – for game protagonist Dani Rojas and for you. In addition, carefully selected details give the 42mm field watch its distinct Far Cry® character, bringing your in-game adventures to life.

Surrounded by a brushed titanium case, the limited edition’s black vinyl dial features a matte center and a split ‘6’ marker, a reference to the game logo’s typography. A revolutionary red seconds hand is a nod to the game colors, chosen as a tribute to Yara’s guerilla forces.

Paired with a brown leather NATO strap, each watch also comes with an additional brown nubuck leather strap and changing tool to represent the do-it-yourself, ‘resolver’ spirit that’s critical for game players to embrace. Delivered in eco-friendly packaging, the set also includes a leather pouch.

Powered by our H-10 automatic movement featuring an 80-hour power reserve and a skeletonized rotor on display through an open case back, the Khaki Field Titanium Automatic is ready to help you complete your missions in-game and IRL.

“We know from experience that designing a prop watch for the screen doesn’t always immediately translate to a real-world product,” said Hamilton CEO Vivian Stauffer. “It made the idea of someone wearing this limited edition piece while also using it as wrist gear in-game an extremely exciting prospect and we can’t wait to see it in action.”


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