Swatch Group Light Lab

Swatch Group Light Lab

The visual quality control is an important stage of the production process. 

The first challenge is to detect visual anomalies; the second challenge is to adapt the environment to the need of personal visual ergonomics 

For example, two different work environments can have different color temperatures, excessive artificial light or object luminance, which can affect the objectivity of the visual control.
On top of that, the quality controller can be dazzled and prematurely fatigued.

Everyone has their own visual perception: The need for light intensity and perception varies with age and individual characteristics.

Imagine you could personalize the lighting in order to have more objectivity, compensate weaknesses and sustain the human performance.

Swatch Group Quality Management has developed the patented solution:

Light Lab 

Both lighting for the visual control and lighting of the environment are adapted 

  • to the requested specification 
  • and to the human needs 

Faster detection, reliable decision making through well-being and adapted Lighting.


The truth is under the light.