CMP provides new MPW access to EM Microelectronic

CMP and EM Microelectronic are pleased to announce the partnership for offering 0.18µm CMOS 4/5ML EMALP018 technology in MPW (Multi-Project Wafer) runs. EM Microelectronic offers a new cost-effective solution to design and manufacture prototypes in CMOS 0.18 node through CMP, as well as to support mass production of these ICs. 

By giving access to these technologies, CMP fulfils its role of MPW service, consisting in technically and economically enabling the manufacturing of small IC quantities for research and development projects in the field of integrated electronics, power electronics, micro-systems and silicon photonics.  

Kholdoun Torki, Technical Director at CMP, welcomed the arrival of EM Microelectronic among CMP's partners, adding, “This partnership with EM Microelectronic will give to CMP users some unique solutions making ultra-low power applications. The use of the near and sub-threshold voltage for the MOS devices with the EKV models is one of the key feature and strength of the EM Microelectronic offer”.

EM Microelectronic, a leader in True Ultra Low Power (TULP™) technology, is the only Swissbased semiconductor manufacturer, and one of the very few European ones. Offering this MPW service offers customers a preview of its manufacturing capabilities for Swiss-quality ICs. The CMOS 0.18 technology is particularly adapted for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), enabling versatile and affordable “zero power” products.