Renata: next-generation battery

Renata: next-generation battery

Power made in Switzerland

  • New lithium thin-film battery
  • Significantly higher energy density than comparable products on the market
  • A rechargeable version is already in development


Mobile devices are continuing to get even flatter in the connected world of today and of tomorrow. Wearables have become an indispensable part of everyday life and their steady growth is far from getting to an end. Small but powerful: reliable and high-quality batteries that keep pace with the continuous miniaturization are indispensable nowadays. Renata is meeting the growing demands by introducing the right source of energy with the newly developed lithium thin-film battery CP042350. Stefan Pfrommer, CEO of Renata, explains: “Thanks to these batteries, our industrial customers are bringing a whole new generation of wearables to market”.

The ultra-thin 3V battery is ideal for the use in flatter electronic devices since the thickness of 0.42 mm is much less than those of conventional primary lithium batteries. The CP042350 is flexible and has successfully passed a 1000 times bending test with a bending radius of 25 mm. With a capacity of 28 mAh and an average weight of 0.86 g, this next-generation battery can be used in a wide range of industrial, medical and consumer devices. Potential applications are smartcards, smart textiles, smart packaging labels, smart wristbands, sensors, RFID, etc. 

Swiss made Production of the 50x23 mm thin-film battery has already started. With regard to the advantages of production on the fully automatic production line at its headquarters, Stefan Pfrommer adds: “In Switzerland, we calibrate individual parts to an accuracy of thousandths. In China, accuracy is still only in the hundredths.” This combined know-how in new materials and highly mature production techniques allows Renata to develop new and optimized batteries. Thanks to its enhanced lithium-manganese composition, the energy density of CP042350 is as twice as high as comparable products on the market. 

In addition to free samples, customized sizes of up to 70x70 mm are also available. A rechargeable series is currently being developed. Samples will be available from end of 2019 onwards.


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