Swatch Group and CSEM

Swatch Group and CSEM
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Swatch Group and CSEM are developing a Swiss made ecosystem for connected objects

Swatch Group and CSEM confirm that the two companies, who are long-term partners, are working on the development of a unique Swiss made ecosystem. It will be designed especially for the needs of small connected objects (Internet of things) and, naturally, first and foremost for watches. This platform will be built around a tailor made operating system that is completely new.

The main special features of this operating system will be as follows:

  • Swiss made.
  • Security and absolute protection of data owing to the operating system’s independence and autonomy  as opposed to large international software corporations, mainly American.
  • Ultra-low power, in other words a system with ultra-low energy consumption which provides even greater self-sufficiency.
  • Durability, to counteract the planned and programmed obsolescence in the world of consumer electronics. The system is designed to last and does not need regular updates.
  • Transmission technologies using ultra-low-power Bluetooth.


The ecosystem, which is bespoke and designed right from the start for miniaturization, will consist of a combination of an operating system, integrated circuits for data processing and transmission, as well as development tools, all of which are optimized to operate together to maximize self-sufficiency and guarantee security. This will be the first time that such a holistic approach has been used anywhere in the world for connected objects. We are aiming to launch the first products by the end of 2018.

The operating system developed in partnership with CSEM is only the first stage and new future low-power-consumption applications are already planned by the two partners, thanks to their expertise in integrating small objects.

Swatch Group, which holds shares in CSEM, will, in particular, contribute its expertise in the key area of batteries, thanks to its Renata subsidiary, a company that specializes in the field but, more especially, in microbatteries intended for electronic applications, as well as the field of integrated circuits with EM Microelectronic, also a company of the Swatch Group.

Furthermore, the project will benefit from CSEM's leading position in the field of very-low-consumption circuits and systems, as well as its vast portfolio of technologies applied to connected objects.

Swatch Group and CSEM have often collaborated in the past, in particular on various watchmaking applications, including the development of silicon made components or integrated circuits.