Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport

Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport

Your daily companion for an active life: A fine watch with Sport & Health functions. All-in-one.

Tissot has consistently been at the forefront of blending style and functionality. Carrying on this legacy and inspired by the recent triumph of the T-Touch Connect Solar, Tissot proudly presents the new T-Touch Connect Sport. A unisex Swiss Made sports watch designed for active individuals who value their well-being and appreciate a genuine timepiece on their wrist.

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport, powered by quartz and recharged by the sun, showcases a 43mm diameter design. The high-performance solar cells on the watch dial capture light, storing energy in an accumulator that keeps the watch running for months without needing a recharge. Additionally, the watch boasts a tactile sapphire glass, equipped with an AMOLED screen, responsive to direct touch or via the side pushers, offering a versatile interactive experience.

Available in various bezel and case colors, the T-Touch Connect Sport is a symbol of an active lifestyle, marrying materials like ceramic and titanium with sophisticated brushed and polished finishing. It complements your active lifestyle while maintaining the high-quality standards of a long-lasting watch.

Functionality and performance are at the heart of the T-Touch Connect Sport, focusing on features tailored to modern, health-conscious, and sporty individuals. From tracking workouts to receiving notifications, it emphasises well-being and connectivity. As time progresses, both the app and watch will receive updates, enhancing features and ushering in new functionalities.

Sports Activities – Watch & App Features


The “Workouts” feature enables users to select from a range of activities. Once the chosen activity commences, live stats including distance, speed, heart rate, and calorie consumption are readily available. 


The "Stats" feature offers a deeper dive into your workout. Users can explore the app for a complete analysis with performance graphs and trends, to track the progress they’ve made. The training zone graph further empowers users to gauge and comprehend their fitness progression.

Stay Connected

The T-Touch Connect Sport integrates notifications for incoming calls, active timers, alarms, reminders and more, ensuring you never miss a beat. The watch's colorful display adapts to the functionality being shown, adding a touch to its sporty design and enhancing the user experience.

While its primary function is to keep wearers informed, it doesn't seek to replace your phone. Instead, it offers timely updates, whilst always emphasising its core identity – a genuine watch. When an essential text or call comes in, wearers are notified in real-time, allowing them to decide if pulling out their phone is necessary.

Autonomy & Compatibility

The watch boasts a battery performance that stands unmatched: 

  • Infinite autonomy in watch mode.
  • 6 months in standard connected mode.
  • 3 months in sport connected mode.

Moreover, the Tissot Application, is compatible with most iOS, Android, and Harmony devices, making it the ideal companion for all tech-savvy individuals.

Design & Features

The T-Touch Connect Sport is a marvel of design, encapsulating noble materials with state-of-the-art technology. The photovoltaic cell, combined with Super-LumiNova®, ensures visibility even in dim light.

The ease of interchanging between the lightweight titanium bracelet and the versatile silicon strap further enhances user convenience and style. Surrounding the dial is an elegant ceramic bezel, further elevating the watch's aesthetic, making both traditional watch lovers and sports enthusiasts value this piece.

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport is a watch, but it’s also truly a symbol of an active lifestyle.  Designed for the sporty yet fashion-conscious, it bridges the gap between Swiss-made watches and useful functionalities. Its design, adaptable to various wrist sizes and styles, makes it the optimal accessory for all your endeavours.

With the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport, experience a well-balanced mix of craftmanship, sporty lifestyle, enduring innovation, and connectivity — truly capturing the spirit of today's dynamic world, devoted to your well-being.