Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards

Hamilton Behind the Camera Award

Hamilton will host the 6th «Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards» on October 28th, 2012 in Los Angeles. The awards ceremony pays tribute to the talented off-screen heroes who are contributing to make a movie successful.

October 28, 2012: Harrison Ford

It takes hundreds, sometimes thousands of people to make a movie. Many of them play key roles without appearing on screen. A costume, a prop or a poignant phrase in the movie script, or a camera capturing the right move, are all key factors contributing to the overall success of a movie. Because Hamilton has collaborated with the movie industry for over six decades, the brand understands the long list of ingredients needed to make a movie. In grateful appreciation of the immense work done by talented professionals behind the scenes and in recognition of their individual impact on filmmaking, Hamilton created the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards, to honor the following key people:

  • Director Benh Zeitlin, «Beasts of the Southern Wild
  • Screenwriter Zoe Kazan, «Ruby Sparks», selected in collaboration with the association DreamAgo
  • Producer Belen Atienza, Alvaro Augustin, Enrique Lopez Lavigne, and Ghislain Barrois, «The Impossible»
  • Production designer Sharon Seymour, «Argo»
  • Cinematographer Claudio Miranda, «Life of Pi»
  • Film editor Pietro Scalia, «Prometheus»
  • Costume designer Judianna Makovsky, «The Hunger Games»
  • Property master Andrew M. Siegel, «The Amazing Spider-Man»
  • Foreign film Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, Directors «The Intouchables»
  • Lifetime achievement in film editing Michael Kahn, «Lincoln»

The Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards are now led in collaboration with Los Angeles Confidential, the premiere luxury lifestyle publication in Los Angeles. The honorees are selected by specialists whose expertise is well-known by the movie industry, from among the movies released during the year and / or presented at prestigious movie festivals of Cannes, Toronto and Venice as well as at the Festival of the American Film Institute.

The recognition of these off-screen superstars is underlined with the presentation of the awards by leading actors, actresses and other movie professionals. Robert Pattinson, Jon Hamm, Harrison Ford, Zoe Saldana, Michael Bay, Antonio Banderas, Jon Favreau, Viola Davis, Christoph Waltz and Diane Kruger rewarded their fellow filmmakers in the past years.

It began 60 years ago

This Hamilton initiative was geared at adding an additional dimension to the brand’s long-standing relationship with the film industry. It started in 1951 with the Oscar-nominated movie «The Frogmen». Actors playing naval diving heroes wore the same Hamilton watches as the American soldiers during the WWII. Since then the brand’s distinctive watches have caught the attention of the world’s leading screen stylists. Their eye-catching shapes, materials and designs earn them roles in the most diverse movie genres. «Men in Black™ 3» represents the latest milestone for Hamilton, as the brand loaned more watches to this film than it has to any other title…

Hamilton extended its cinematographic career to roles not only in major Hollywood productions but also in European, Chinese or Russian movies. With roles in over 400 movies to its credit, Hamilton has certainly earned the title of Hollywood star. A glance at the list of the Hamilton movies and co-stars reads like an endless list of Academy Award nominations and blockbuster hits. And the tradition is set to continue with many new Hamilton appearances currently in production.


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