New horizons for new materials

Comadur SA are specialists in technologies and materials that expand the limits of the possible when it comes to hardness, precision and miniaturization. Comadur SA creates and transforms the hardest of materials, short of the diamond: rubies, sapphires, ceramics, cermets and magnets. These exceptional materials are increasingly sought-after in watchmaking as they confer new aesthetic and functional qualities to the watch in the form of cut sapphire glasses, ceramic cases and wristwatches, wear-resistant micro-bearings, among others.

Ruby, sapphire and translucent high purity alumina ceramic components, virtually immune to deterioration or distortion, have made their mark in watchmaking and other industries, including telecommunications, due to their high resistance to wear and heat and chemical damages. Alumina ceramic is an excellent electrical insulator and heat dissipater; Zircon ceramic is tribologically excellent, offers high wear resistance and exceptional surface finish. They are practically inert in the presence of all chemical agents, even at high temperatures.

Comadur’s expertise extends to the manufacture of rare-earth cobalt and neodymium-iron-boron magnets and high-precision cermets components, further expanding the range of potential application of its know-how and design and production capabilities.

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