Since 1956, Lascor has combined a high degree of mechanical know how and craftsmanship to ensure a high level of quality in its products.

For decades, the company has been a benchmark for Swatch Group in the production of cases and bracelets, primarily in gold, a material for which Lascor has also developed a new color.

Today, thanks to investments in the latest generation of robotics and industrial automation, the company specializes in the industrialization and production of bracelets in special steel and titanium. Lascor is the Group’s main supplier for its high range, prestige, and luxury brands.

The complex production process ranges from rolling and drawing the steel to assembling and polishing the finished bracelet.

With two production sites (the historic headquarters in Sesto Calende and the new mechanical center in Casorate Sempione), the company is characterized by its strong interest in research and the use of new technologies, as well as by a working organization that ensures continuous improvement of processes.


Lascor S.p.A.
IT-21018 Sesto Calende
Phone: +39 0331 918 711